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CertainTeed Silver Star Roofing Contractor

For more than 100 years, CertainTeed has been a premier manufacturer of building materials. Pioneering the concept of multi-layered shingles, the company has been an industry leader in color innovation. CertainTeed manufacturers the most extensive line of asphalt shingles in the industry.

Silver Star Contractors meet the stringent requirements for workmanship and financial stability set by CertainTeed Commercial Roofing. And they have a proven record of quality workmanship and good business practices. Silver Star Contractors are authorized to offer No-Dollar-Limit warranties up to 12 years. Silver Star Contractors must carry workers' compensation and liability insurance coverage and be properly licensed according to the regulations in force governing commercial roofing contractors in their markets. Have been in business at least three years, OR CertainTeed must have inspected at least three roofing projects that have been brought up to a “Perfect” Score status. Submit a complete company credit history and be credit-worthy based on CertainTeed's sole determination.

CertainTeed ShingleMaster Company CertainTeed ShingleMaster Company

Becoming a ShingleMaster requires a commitment to professionalism and dedication to quality craftsmanship that few other roofing companies can demonstrate.  Garrick Roofing has key employees who participate CertainTeed ShingleMaster Company in CertainTeed’s educational programs and know the requirements for installing a high-quality roof system.  Garrick Roofing is authorized to offer you CertainTeed SureStart PLUS 3-STAR and 4-STAR extended warranty coverage. 

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