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Replacing a roof is a big investment.  We hope that the information on this web site will make you more knowledgeable about roofing systems for Texas and help you get a quality roof from a professional roofing contractor.  Garrick Roofing is pleased to have the chance to earn your business. 

Elk Moss Rose shingles
are popular in Houston

Roofing components commonly found in Texas

Sloped roofs in Texas typically have the following components.  The roof covering is usually comprised of asphalt shingles but may be tile or metal.  Under this covering is an underlayment such as economical, paper-based, building-felt saturated with asphalt.  Synthetic underlayment is gaining in popularity in northern climates, but may not be cost-justified here in Texas.

The roof covering and underlayment is nailed into the plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board) sheathing or decking supported by the roof trusses and rafters.  Sheet metal or other flashing material prevents water seepage in joints and valleys.  A well-designed roof constructed with these components should shed water, a simple but important job. 

Choosing a roof covering

Asphalt shingles cover most of the sloped roofs found on homes in Texas.  Originally, asphalt or composition shingles were made with an organic cellulose or wood-fiber base saturated with asphalt and coated with colored mineral granules.  Now, fiberglass shingles with a fiberglass mat and asphalt layers, top and bottom, dominate the market, and for good reason.

The fire resistance of asphalt shingles, like most other roofing materials, is classified A, B or C.  Most organic shingles have the worst rating, C, while fiberglass shingles have the highest rating, A. 

Asphalt shingles of either reinforcement are available in a variety of colors and in architectural grades that offer a textured appearance.  To protect against algae, a problem in warm, humid climates such as we have here in Texas, zinc or copper-coated granules can be applied.

Wood shingles are made from sawn cedar and once covered many a roof in Texas.  Raging fires in apartment complexes and subdivisions changed building codes and deed restrictions.  Few wood shingle roofs are seen today.  However, if not prohibited, a roof of thick, hand-split wood shakes is still beautiful to behold and some shakes are available with Class A rated, factory-applied, fire-resistant treatment.

Tile shingles made of clay or concrete provide a durable roofing material for Spanish style homes in this area.  Available in a variety of colors and finishes, tile is very heavy.  Be certain that your structure and the foundation upon which it rests will be able to support the load. 

Metal shingles simulate traditional shingles, but standing-seam metal roofs made from long panels are gaining in popularity for contemporary homes and southwestern style homes.  A "tin roof" is one of the oldest roof systems, but modern metal roofs are long lasting and provide an awesome radiant barrier compared to asbestos shingles here in sunny, Texas.  Make sure your contractor has the experience necessary to properly install a standing-seam metal roof.

Ridge vents and soffit vents

No matter which contractor does your roof, if you do not already have them insist on full-length ridge vents and soffit vents.  Ventilation is critical in our Texas climate.  Good ventilation will reduce your air-conditioning bills in summer and help your roofing system to last longer by reducing condensation and moisture.  Other enemies of your roof include heat and ultraviolet rays.  Rain and wind are obvious problems but another subtle problem in this climate is algae.

Moss and algae not only cause an ugly stain on your roof, but can destroy your roofing system by holding moisture and growing under the shingles and into the wood deck and structure.  Don't get me wrong, we do want to replace your roof, but Garrick Roofing can attack your algae problem and extend the life of your roof with our Spray and Forget roof cleaning system. 

Finally, when it is time to replace your roof, check around but be sure to insist on a professional roofing contractor, Garrick Roofing.  We have been repairing roofs and replacing roofing in Texas since 1989.  You may find lower bids, but never better value.  Go with Garrick - you won't regret it.

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