Why Garrick Roofing?

Licensed! Yes! Even though the State of Texas does not require licensing for roofing and many contracting services, Garrick Roofing is licensed by the ICC. The International Code Council develops and administers construction trade licensing exams for hundreds of states and municipalities.

Excellent Warranty backed by a company who has actually been in the business longer than the warranty offered! Remember, a warranty is only as good as the company backing it.

Excellent BBB record. Recipient of the BBB Gold Star Award for the past six years in a row! Check us out!

Professional salespeople who are experts in the roofing industry. Our salespeople are trained in all aspects of the roofing industry, not just a few buzz words and how to close a sale. Their expertise is measured in years not months.

Insurance Specialists! We are veterans when it comes to dealing with insurance claims and adjusters. We will work for you to insure you get the most for your particular claim.

Factory trained salespeople and management means we know the products and the company who made the products. We stay up to date on new products as well as new installation techniques.

Quality Materials! We use only the finest quality materials in all our roofing projects. Never will you find off brands nor factory seconds on our jobs.

Overview Your roof is more than just a hat for your house. Your roof is the first line of protection for the rest of your house. A professionally installed roof can protect your investment from interior damage, mold and other potentially harmful claims. In addition, a professionally installed roof using quality materials will enhance the beauty of your home and help maintain the homes value.

Donít trust your next roof to anyone who doesnít measure up. Call Garrick Roofing today!

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